Oakville ON Scoliosis Schroth Treatment – Private Room Physiotherapy Launched

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Pinnacle Physiotherapy based in Oakville, Ontario, announces the launch of its physiotherapy services. Internationally certified therapists can provide specialized treatment for scoliosis and other conditions.

Pinnacle Physiotherapy based in Oakville, Ontario, announces the launch of its physiotherapy services. They offer their clients specialized treatments in private rooms.

For more information visit their website at https://pinnacle-physio.com

With the new announcement, this practice aims to give patients one-on-one treatments for a range of conditions and ailments. They also specialize in Schroth Best Practice®️ treatment for scoliosis.

The practitioners at Pinnacle Physiotherapy are trained to provide treatments for the conservative management of scoliosis in adults and adolescents. They offer a treatment plan of pattern-specific scoliosis exercises. These exercises can stop the curvature of the spinal column and thereby are able to reduce pain and enhance muscle balance and physical appearance. Their physiotherapist Sharon Coté PT is a Certified Schroth Best Practice®️ Practitioner.

The Schroth Best Practice®️ Program offered by Pinnacle Physiotherapy is done by CAMPT-Certified physiotherapists. Physiotherapists with this certification can provide advanced clinical treatments and have hands-on expertise in their area of specialization.

This certification meets International standards and results in quicker recovery time because the root cause of the condition is identified and treated. Patients treated by CAMPT-Certified physiotherapists also remain healthier because they are educated on how to manage their condition to prevent relapse as much as possible.

For all their patients, Pinnacle Physiotherapy is committed to offering services that will restore and maintain their full-body physical function and overall wellbeing. They can treat disorders that affect the nerves, joints, muscles, and bones.

Pinnacle Physiotherapy provides treatment for numerous orthopedic conditions such as sports-related and repetitive strain injuries, pain in the neck, back, or jaw, arthritis, and many more.

The physiotherapists will collect the patient’s health history and perform a comprehensive examination. This will enable them to evaluate and assess the whole gamut of mobility, pain, strength, and range of movement.

They will then be able to formulate an individualized treatment plan involving targeted therapeutic exercises to strengthen, and using methods such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and laser treatment, to reduce pain and inflammation.

All the physiotherapists at Pinnacle Physiotherapy are Certified Advanced Manual Therapists. This qualification means that they have completed internationally recognized courses in clinical diagnosis and therapy.

For more information visit their website at https://pinnacle-physio.com or call them at +1-905-842-8100.