PCO Air Purifiers To Eliminate Airborne Mold/Pathogens For Dental Clinics Launch

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Think Air Purifiers has launched the Airocide line of air purifiers for dental clinics. The purifiers improve air quality by eliminating mold, bacteria, and other airborne pathogens.

Think Air Purifiers, an online air purifier retailer, has announced the launch of the Airocide line of air purifiers campaign for dental offices. The company is a trusted provider of the latest air purification research and related health information.

More information is available at https://thinkairpurifiers.com/pages/best-air-purifiers-for-dental-offices

The launch of the Airocide air purifiers campaign aims to provide dental practices with the equipment to keep their office environment clean and safe for both staff and clients.

The purifiers are based on photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology, which was originally developed by NASA for use in the International Space Station. PCO technology has been extensively studied, with over 7,000 scientific articles published on the subject. The results have consistently shown that PCO air purifiers can eliminate pathogens, mold, and fungus in the air. In particular, studies on Airocide devices have found reductions in airborne microbes of up to 300%.

On average, dental practices that employ Airocide see an 81% reduction in airborne bacteria and mold. Think Air Purifiers offers the highly effective Airocide line to help dental clinics reap these benefits.

Airocide product technology is classified as a class II medical device by the FDA, and they are used by many medical practices to eliminate bacteria and other airborne microbes. They also eliminate volatile organic compounds and unpleasant odors, which helps patients feel more comfortable.

The company offers 3 models, which are the APS-200, APS-300, and APS-1000XL. All are energy efficient. The APS-200 and APS-300 models consume 60 watts to operate, whereas the APS-1000XL consumes 73 watts. Maintaining the air purifiers is a simple process, and the reaction chamber is easy to replace.

The products are available for purchase at https://thinkairpurifiers.com/collections/all-air-purifiers/products/airocide-filterless-aps-300-bacteria-viruses-and-mold-air-purifier

Those who use Airocide products in their homes report excellent results, as a satisfied customer said: “Our Airocide APS-300 was well packaged with an easy to follow instruction guide. Set up is a breeze. I have had seasonal allergies for years. I can feel the difference in how much less congested I am when I wake up after 2 nights. I don’t sneeze or cough when I am in the bedroom anymore.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://thinkairpurifiers.com