Gladstone MO Foundation Crack Repair Residential Commercial Services Launched

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JH Restoration, locally owned and operated, has expanded its residential and commercial foundation repair services to Gladstone, a suburb of Kansas City, MO.

JH Restoration, a locally-owned and operated professional foundation crack repair service covering the Kansas City, MO, area, has launched expanded residential and commercial services to Gladstone, MO.

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JH Restoration provides a one-stop solution for sagging foundations that can cause homes and offices to settle deep in the ground, resulting in problems of water seeping into the basement and structural splitting and cracking.

Foundation problems can be difficult to diagnose because they are often similar to benign conditions. Some cracks in the basement wall do not indicate anything serious. Other times, basement wall cracks could indicate that the house is settling too much into the earth. A door or window frame that is out of kilter might indicate serious problems with the foundation.

Understanding the seriousness of issues like these and identifying whether the problem needs to be taken care of immediately emphasize the importance of JH Restoration’s specialized services.

Signs of foundation problems include exterior cracks, interior sheet rock cracks, door frames out of kilter, uneven floors, door and/or window frames separated from surrounding walls, rotten beams, tile cracks, expansion joint separation, and nails extruding from drywall.

Poor soil that has not been compacted properly is one cause of foundation settling, but the main cause of foundation problems is water, sometimes too much and sometimes too little. A rush of water, especially during spring rains, can cause soil to expand. This expansion can then cause damage to the home’s foundation and the house to settle.

With over 20 years of specialized experience, JH Restoration will make an in-depth assessment of the foundation’s condition, eliminate previous ineffective repairs, and apply a solution that will ensure a solid, stable foundation.

A previous client stated, “The owner Jeff’s estimation of the scope of work was spot on. I checked with the construction engineer and they were not trying to sell me things I didn’t need or drive up the bill because of my inexperience. The person who came to do the work was professional, polite, and cleaned up after his work. All in all, I was very pleased and would feel confident to recommend them to others.”

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