Nueva Andalucia Luxury Villas Real Estate Investment Developer Website Launched

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Boutique Homes dba Marbella Contemporary Villas has launched a website offering boutique luxury villas for buyers interested in owning property located in prime locations within Spain’s Nueva Andalucia region.

Marbella-based luxury real estate developer, Boutique Homes dba Marbella Contemporary Villas, has launched a new website for investors looking to purchase luxury boutique villas in the Golf Valley of Nueva Andalucia.

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Marbella Contemporary Villas have designed their new website to showcase world-class luxury properties and potential real estate investment in Marbella, Spain. Visitors can view boutique villa design layouts made available by developers, take 360-degree video tours, and easily request property information through the site.

With its reputation as the most populous and popular municipality in the Iberian Peninsula featuring beaches, nightclubs, golf courses, and other entertainment spots, Marbella is a prime destination for holidays, retreats, and other recreational activities. The region continues to attract the attention of investors from around the world.

Marbella Contemporary Villas has positioned itself as Malaga’s top real estate developer dedicated to providing state-of-the-art options in and around Marbella. The firm’s real estate team ensures attention to detail in building development in the areas of comfort, design, location, and environmentally friendly energy systems.

The newly launched website contains information on floor plans, photos, and functionality for a 360-degree 3D virtual tour of villas for sale in Nueva Andalucia. All visual media on the site aim to provide an immersive experience intended to serve as a visual aid for decision-making. Information on local sights and attractions is also available for the benefit of prospective homeowners who are looking for new villas in Marbella but are unfamiliar with the local culture and community.

Marbella Contemporary Villas is led by CEO, Assaad Fakhry, a specialist in boutique residential property development with over 30 years of experience in developing luxury villas in Marbella that are designed around comfort and exclusivity.

A spokesperson for Marbella Contemporary Villas said, “Assaad continuously seeks for ways to improve and exceed his client’s expectations. These qualities afford him the trust and respect of his clients and local real estate community, which is the reason why he is was named Regional Ambassador of AIPP to the Costa del Sol.”

Buyers interested in the new development in Marbella and details about acquiring luxury property in Malaga can find exclusive offers by Boutique Homes at