Multiple Studies Now Warn Against the Biggest Food Culprits of Inflammation

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( — July 30, 2021) Las Vegas, NV — Scientists have long been warning against chronic inflammation, which has been found to produce a myriad of undesirable health consequences.

It is strongly recommended to manage levels of inflammation inside the body, and one way to do it is to know which foods to avoid. There are foods scientists found to be highly inflammatory, such as sodas, pastries, chocolate bars, and desserts. 

A study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In this research, it has been found that processed sugars trigger the release of cytokines, which are inflammatory messengers. 

In several studies, it has been found that saturated fats can trigger adipose inflammation. It is important to be warned that it is not only an indicator of heart disease but, can also worsen arthritis inflammation. 

The National Cancer Institute warns against the intake of cheese and pizza, which are considered to be the biggest sources of saturated fats.  

The Harvard School of Public Health researchers, on the other hand, warn against the intake of trans fat. It is worth learning that trans fat, which can be found in processed snack food, cookies, fried foods, frozen breakfast products, may trigger systemic inflammation.

Natural remedies like curcumin have been widely studied due to their remarkable anti-inflammatory effects.

According to scientists, curcumin works as an anti-inflammatory agent that inhibits the activity of nuclear factor-kappa B- the master protein, which regulates the inflammatory process.

It is worth mentioning that this powerful phytochemical has long been reputed to be a powerful inflammation-fighting weapon. It works in inhibiting the activity of inflammatory enzymes such as COX and LOX. 

What makes it even more beneficial is that it also inhibits the activity of various inflammatory chemicals and proteins such as TNF-alpha, interleukin.

Multiple studies have revealed that curcumin is loaded with disease-fighting and health-enhancing agents. These include its antiviral, renoprotective, insulin-sensitizing, androgenic, antifibrotic, neurorestorative, and metal-chelating properties.

This powerful healing ingredient may be obtained through using turmeric or via supplementation.

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