Why Anyone Should Use Lower Back Support for Office Chair

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(Newswire.net — September 21, 2021) — You should always purchase an office chair that allows you to relieve fatigue and prevent posture curvature. It is used not only by those who already suffer from spinal pathologies but also by healthy people. The pillow improves blood flow and prevents muscle cramps.

Modern man is forced to spend a lot of time in the same sitting position. This does not have the best effect on the condition of the spine and back muscles. It is better to take care of the prevention of diseases in advance, instead of dealing with their consequences.

By using lower back support for office chair under your back, you can relieve fatigue, help your spine, and support your posture.

What Is A Pillow For?

The vertebral column consists of 33-35 bones (vertebrae), which are divided into 4 sections and have the same number of bends. This structure allows you to perform a variety of movements – tilts, body turns, deflections, stretching. However, in life, such physical activity is not always necessary, and a person spends a long time in an office chair, doing his usual work.

As a result, neither the vertebral bones themselves nor the muscles do the work. If you continue to lead a sedentary lifestyle, complications occur over time:

  • back numbness;
  • constant fatigue even after a small load;
  • aching or pulling pain;
  • The curvature of posture.

Even with constant spending time behind a chair, the back still receives a load, but not dynamic (in motion), but static (in a motionless state). Such tension must always be relieved. One of the most effective and affordable methods is an orthopedic chair cushion under the back.

What Are The Benefits Of The Product?

Podiatrists recommend using pillows because they allow you to take the most comfortable benefit, in which the magnitude of the load is significantly reduced. Such a product does not replace physical education, swimming, and other types of activity. However, for the back, it is better if you give it additional support:

  • lateral displacement of the vertebrae (scoliosis) can be avoided;
  • pain in the lumbar spine disappears;
  • muscles are unloaded, which are freed from the work of maintaining the body in the same position;
  • fatigue is removed, the back gets tired much less;
  • Osteochondritis, neuralgia, and muscle spasm are prevented.

Such a complex effect is explained by the fact that the orthopedic pillow optimally adjusts to the bending of the spinal column, taking into account the anatomical features of a person. The product is suitable for anyone, regardless of age, gender, and weight.

How To Care For The Product

For a pillow to be beneficial for the lower back and spine as a whole, you need to use it correctly.

The product is placed under the back for an office chair or a regular chair, fixed with straps to the back.

They sit down; try to change all kinds of poses. It is important to check that the maximum protrusion falls precisely on the lower back.

Remaining in a natural, most comfortable position, they determine the correct position of the pillow and fix it with straps at the appropriate level.

The product is securely fixed with straps so that it does not slip


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