Gold/Crypto IRA – Long-Term Inflation Hedge Alternative Investment Report Launch

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Gold Hedge has launched a new expert report to explain why individuals are turning to gold and crypto Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to hedge against inflation. The company has long championed gold as a steady asset during times of crisis, instability, and high inflation.

In its latest report, Gold Hedge highlights the fact that alternative investments are growing in popularity for many reasons. Aside from diversifying a portfolio, they can add stability and are not vulnerable to the same issues that affect fiat currencies.

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Inflation is an ongoing concern for investors around the world. In the new report from Gold Hedge, the effects of the global health crisis are noted. While it has caused unprecedented challenges, the aftermath has not yet been realized. However, high inflation is a potential issue.

High inflation reduces the value of cash, which is bad for investors who rely solely on traditional savings through a bank. But high inflation is not the only looming issue. With a growing debt crisis across the euro zone, UK, and US, gold is offering a stable alternative investment.

Gold Hedge states that the price of gold has significantly increased since European countries have had their creditworthiness downgraded. Overall, it has performed well since the financial crisis of 2008. The new report highlights the fact gold has grown by 80% in the preceding 13 years.

However, investors are closely monitoring a recent dip in the market. The dip occurred after an announcement from the Fed. It stated the US economy would not receive any additional stimulus, which may make investors nervous.

In its new report, Gold Hedge points out that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are changing the investment world. These options are attractive for IRA diversification and long-term savings plans, as their value cannot be determined by a centralized agency such as a government or bank.

In addition, as every cryptocurrency has a finite number of tokens or coins, they keep their value. Unlike fiat currencies, whereby governments can simply print more money if they need to, which can lead to a high inflation cycle.

A company spokesperson said: “You might argue gold has simply gone up because it is a non-interest-bearing asset – but then again cash deposits only recently started paying interest after nearly three years of standing at rock bottom rates.”

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