How to Slice Potatoes into Cubes

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( — September 25, 2021) —

Cubed potatoes are great for a variety of dishes. They are delicious when baked or fried, and they make excellent potato salad too.  Because of their irregular shape, it is difficult to cut them evenly with a knife. You are required to cut rounded edges, which can be challenging.

To avoid this tiresome process, you can use a potato dicer instead of ordinary knives. A potato cuber eases the work by first cutting the round edges and then slicing off the potato. This technique also makes sure that you get even slices from each potato. The following steps show you how to use a potato cuber to slice your potatoes perfectly every time.

Step 1

 Cut out the center of the potato using a sharp paring knife. The goal here is not to remove any part of the skin but just enough so that you have an opening for your blade. If you don’t do this right, you will end up having unevenly sliced potatoes.

  Step 2

 Slice the top half of the potato away from the bottom half. Make sure that you keep the sides straight as well as the bottom intact. Next, make two cuts on either side of the middle line. These lines should run parallel to one another. After these curs, you’ll see that there’s now a tiny gap between the two halves.

 Step 3

 Using a potato cutter, carefully insert the tip at the base of the potato where the two halves meet. Press down firmly until the point hits the bottom of the potato. Then slide the tool along the length of the potato while pressing down gently. Repeat this process all around the potato.

You may find yourself doing some trial-and-error before getting comfortable with this method. But once you’ve mastered it, you won’t want to go back to hand-cutting

 Step 4

Remove the potato slicer from its packaging and place it over the bowl containing the cubed potatoes. Place the handle of the slicer against the inside wall of the bowl. Gently press down on the handle to push the plunger through the potatoes.

This action forces the plunger to move forward and backward within the bowl. As it does so, the blades slowly rotate counterclockwise. When the blades reach the outermost portion of the bowl, stop moving. Now lift the handle slightly and pull it toward you. This motion causes the blades to turn clockwise. Continue pulling the handle towards you until the blades come to a complete halt. At this time, the potatoes are entirely separate into individual pieces.

 Step 5

Finally, use a spoon to transfer the diced potatoes onto a plate. If you like, you can use a fork to mix the diced potatoes.

Final Verdict

Slicing potatoes can be difficult, but technology makes it easy with the invention of the potato cuber. The potato cuber works like a cheese grater, but instead of shredding cheese, it slices up potatoes. Using this machine can be confusing when starting, and it also narrows down to the type of machine you purchase.

There are two types of potato cubers available today – manual and electric. Manual potato cubers require more effort than electric ones. However, they produce better quality products. Electric potato cubers are easier to operate and maintain. But they cannot match the performance of manual models. So, generally, how you choose to slice your potatoes and the tools you use wholly depends upon your needs. I hope our guide helps you achieve an easy potato dicing process.