AviaGames Is Cooking Up Fun With Their New Game – Cooking Clash

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(Newswire.net — September 25, 2021) — Do you love cooking competitions on Food Network? Have you ever wanted to be a master chef? Do you wish you could win real money just by cooking up a storm? Then your wish may have just come true because AviaGames is proud to announce their newest game: Cooking Clash!

Jump into your dream kitchen with this amazing new time management style cooking game! Craft exquisite culinary delights to satisfy your customers, all while you realize your dream of becoming a master chef!

Challenging Yet Fair

In Cooking Clash, you will compete against other chefs from across the globe for a chance to win real cash prizes. A unique AI algorithm tracks your skills and ensures that you are matched against another player equal to your skill level. This makes sure that Cooking Clash is a fun and fair competition for everyone and ensures that the best player will take home the prize!

If you don’t want the stress of playing for real cash, don’t worry. Like all  AviaGames titles, you can play for free with “Tickets.” Tickets are the in-game currency for those not interested in real money competition. Bear in mind, of course, you can’t withdraw tickets for real cash. You can, however, use Tickets to play games for “Bonus Cash.” Bonus Cash lets you play in real cash games and win real cash money, all without depositing any of your own. So, for example, if you have 8,000 Tickets, you can play a match to win $0.60 in Bonus Cash. When you win that $0.60 in Bonus Cash, you can use it to play in a real cash game and win $1 in real money, and so on. In time, and with enough skill and patience, it is possible to win a substantial amount of real money without ever having deposited any of your own.

Other Ways to Win

Like with all other AviaGames titles, Cooking Clash has a ton of fun mini-games and activities that let you get all sorts of prizes. In one such game, if you get other people to try out the game with a promo code, then you get the ability to “dig for cash,” a fun activity where each dig could get you up to $500! 

So, what are you waiting for? Simply download the game and give it a try! If you love cooking games, you will love Cooking Clash! It has everything you could want and more! Jump into the game and see how fast you can become a master chef! And just imagine what you can do with the money that you might win. Go on a trip? Put it aside for the holidays? Or maybe buy that new television that you’ve been wanting? Whether it’s for something fun or for something you need, the money you might win on Cooking Clash can help your dreams come true.

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