Disabled Dog Custom Mobility Wheelchairs Retired Veterinarian Report Released

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Excellent Dog launches new report on retired veterinarian Dr. Lincoln Parkes, who has been building custom-built wheelchairs for disabled dogs, and continues to improve on the original design.

Excellent Dog has released a new report detailing how Dr. Lincoln Parkes, a retired veterinary surgeon, continues to help disabled pets gain mobility through the use of custom-build wheelchairs. Based in Oxford, Maryland, Dr. Parkes has been building dog wheelchairs for over 50 years.

More information is available at https://excellentdog.info

The recently published report provides readers with insight into Dr. Lincoln Parkes’ work building K-9 Carts and his commitment to disabled dogs. The nonagenarian has also made these wheelchairs for cats, rabbits, and pigs.

The challenges pets with disabilities face are often quite extreme, and compromised mobility is at the forefront of these problems. Although love and affection towards dogs are required in these circumstances, Dr. Parkes focuses on providing owners with what their pet needs – a device to help them regain their mobility.

According to Dr. Parkes, animals enjoy their freedom just as much as humans do, so seeing disabled dogs regain their mobility through his patented wheelchair design is very rewarding. The new report documents his continued efforts to help animals in need in a way that improves their quality of life.

The report highlights the progression of wheelchair design its inception in the 1960s and notes that Dr. Parke’s first chair was made for dachshunds, because of their susceptibility to Degenerative Myelopathy, a progressive spinal cord disease. The design has undergone several changes through the years. It was then adapted for Corgis and continues to be available today, with custom-built designs for all dog breeds.

Dr. Parkes said of one of his creations, “I made a wheelchair for a disabled dog called Big Pug. Before he got the chair, he did not look happy at all. As soon as he started using his new wheels, zooming all over the place, he looked more cheerful and lively than ever.”

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Interested parties can find the full report at https://excellentdog.info/retired-vet-helps-disabled-pets-live-life-to-the-fullest