Industrial Coatings Podcast – Teflon Product Marketing/Business Growth Launched

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Intech Services has launched a new YouTube talk show and podcast aimed at industrial coating manufacturers. The industry-focused show provides sales techniques and marketing tools for selling Teflon™ products to help business leaders position their company as a specialist in the field.

‘Deliver More’ is the name of the new talk show, which was created to fill the media void within the coatings industry in Canada and the US. Intech Services understands the challenges faced by industrial manufacturers, and how difficult they can be to manage as these issues rarely gain mainstream attention.

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The new monthly YouTube talk show provides a space for listeners to enjoy quality conversations about the topics that matter most to those within the coatings industry. In each episode, the hosts invite different guests to offer advice so business owners and managers can take their coating company to the next level.

‘Customer Service with Monica Trout’ is the latest episode and focuses on the importance of quality customer service. During the show, the global health crisis is discussed alongside the ways it has highlighted the need for regular customer updates.

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Intech Services provide support via email and telephone to ensure customers can reach them when they need to, through their preferred medium. A key challenge being faced by the industry, and manufacturers around the world, is supply chain issues.

A lack of raw materials is causing issues throughout the supply chain, which is having knock-on effects, including product shortages. As the world reopens for business, these shortages are becoming more noticeable.

Monica states that there are tough conversations that need to be had between suppliers and customers to highlight the materials shortages and possible solutions. In these situations, she explains that giving customers advance notice of the challenges can prevent dissatisfaction in the future.

It can also build trust and brand loyalty when customers are listened to and supported, even when there may not be an immediate resolution.

A company spokesperson said: “The ‘Deliver More’ video series will cover a wide range of topics that will help you become a better, and more profitable, Teflon coater. If you have a specific Teflon coating technical question, call our Technical Team anytime at: 1-302-366-8530.”

To find out more, interested parties are encouraged to visit the links provided. Alternatively, the podcast can be streamed by clicking this link