Private Label Heart Health Supplements Manufacturers Bring Value to Preventive Healthcare

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( — September 30, 2021) —

Heart health is a major issue in the United States because every year more than 655,000 Americans die due to heart disease. A closer look at the damaging stats is quite unnerving – heart ailment claims the life of an American every 36 seconds and accounts for one out of every four deaths in the United States each year. About 805,000 people in the country suffer a heart attack every year and around 80% of these are new and first time attacks. Over 18 million or 6% of Americans aged 20 and above suffer from coronary heart disease. 

Finally, the most jarring truth of heart disease is that one in every five heart attacks is silent! It means the victim doesn’t even know that s/he has suffered a heart attack. Understandably, this has led people to look for ways to secure their heart health. Among the many things that you can do to ensure better heart health is include dietary supplements made for strengthening the heart in your daily routine. These are produced by private label CBD manufacturers that source organic ingredients for their products. 

A 100 billion dollar market that’s growing fast 

The dietary supplements market in the United States is already worth over $100 billion and is growing very fast. Considering the state of heart health in the country, many folks would already be looking at ways to stay healthy and avoid heart disease. Along with an active lifestyle and exercise they also need heart health tincture supplements manufactured by quality supplement manufacturers. 

At the same time many new and innovative supplements are entering the market to meet the rising demand of people who want to prevent any kind of illness including heart diseases. Cannabidiol or CBD supplements produced by legitimate and reputable private label CBD supplement manufacturers are also helpful in maintaining good heart health.  

A decentralized industry with no entry barriers 

The nutraceutical supplements market is structured differently from many other major dietary products industries. Here, private label supplement manufacturing works in tandem with small and medium sized marketing companies who are given branding rights by the manufacturers. 

This is a win-win situation for both the white label CBD manufacturers and the brand-owning marketing companies. It allows the manufacturers to focus on research and product development while the multiple brand owners market and sell the products much faster than what the manufacturers would have managed with their own efforts. 

Manufacturers who focus more on product development 

The advantage of greater focus on product development by the private label manufacturing companies is that quality and innovation takes center-stage in their operations. Their multiple marketing partners, who sell the products under their own respective brand names, just focus on marketing and selling and not on procurement.  

Of course, not every private label dietary supplement manufacturer offers end-to-end turnkey product solutions that cover packaging and labeling design, filling and sealing, and dispatch to customers. Some marketing companies are well-established and have their own setup to partly or totally handle these functions. Others may be new setups that can just sell and do nothing else; for them the turnkey service is the best option.