Why Many Americans Enjoy CBD Cigarettes

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(Newswire.net — November 5, 2021) — Have you heard about CBD cigarettes? They’re essentially just hemp flowers rolled like a cigarette. The hemp flower is rich in CBD content, which is why so many Americans choose to smoke them. Some hemp smokes contain pineapple express terpenes, which add a little more flavor.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid extracted from industrial hemp that provides several important therapeutic benefits. CBD has been used extensively to relieve the symptoms associated with epilepsy, depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, and ADHD.

If you’re wondering what the hype is all about, it’s legitimate. CBD really is an amazing substance. With several delivery methods to choose from, like gummies, oils, capsules, and food, hemp cigarettes are gaining in popularity for the following reasons.

1. CBD provides a quick and intense therapeutic benefit

Smoking CBD cigarettes is interesting because, unlike tobacco, smoking hemp flowers high in CBD provides a therapeutic benefit. It’s not just relaxation, either.

When you smoke cannabidiol, you get the same benefits as when you ingest it. For instance, you can smoke it for pain relief, to reduce ADHD symptoms, or to manage your acne. When you smoke CBD, the effects come faster and slightly more intensely through your lungs, but it won’t last as long as when you ingest it.

2. Smoking CBD hemp flower isn’t habit-forming

Cannabidiol is not addictive; you don’t have to worry about developing an addiction. Smoking hemp flower cigarettes like tobacco cigarettes would get pretty pricey, anyway. However, there’s always a possibility of getting addicted to the act of smoking.

Some people say smoking is addicting because of the nicotine, but there’s more to the story. Part of the addiction to tobacco involves the ritual itself. Many people find comfort and stress relief in grabbing a smoke, heading outside, and taking a break from life.

You can smoke CBD cigarettes in the same way, but it’s better to smoke them sparingly. Since they deliver a good amount of CBD into your system, you’re better off saving them for when you really need them.

3. CBD won’t get you high

While plenty of people love using THC for their ailments, not everyone enjoys the high that comes with the territory. No matter how much relief THC brings, if you don’t like feeling high, it’s not an option.

CBD isn’t psychoactive like THC, so you can’t get high. That’s what makes hemp cigarettes so attractive to people. You can smoke some hemp flowers, get the benefits, and drive to work if you want. There’s no risk at all. Better yet, you don’t need to carry around a glass pipe that makes you look like a stoner.

4. Hemp flower cigarettes are discrete

You might be wondering why anyone would need their CBD to be discreet if it’s legal. Unfortunately, the stigma associated with THC is routinely attached to cannabidiol. Some people believe everything that comes from hemp is a dangerous drug.

When people smoke hemp cigarettes, they just look like they’re grabbing a regular smoke. Someone would need to read the box and/or inspect and smell the hemp cigarette to know it’s not tobacco.

The discrete nature of hemp flower CBD cigarettes makes them ideal for carrying in a bag, pocket, or purse. People can take a pack anywhere and nobody will know. When they want to smoke one, nobody will bat an eye when they light what looks like a regular cigarette.

5. Cannabidiol provides natural stress relief

Stress is unavoidable in today’s world. While many people take pharmaceutical drugs to cope, others prefer natural remedies like CBD. When you’re stressed out, the most important thing is to get relief before your body goes into a deep state of fight or flight. Once you’re in that mode, it’s easier to get stuck there.

Hemp cigarettes high in cannabidiol make it possible to get stress relief nearly instantly. Sometimes it’s easier to smoke a cigarette than it is to prepare a tincture or find water to swallow a capsule.

There are a few precautions about CBD

While there’s no denying the positive impact of CBD on many people’s lives, there are some precautions to understand. Like anything, there are potential side effects that affect a small number of people. The side effects include dry mouth, low appetite, fatigue, and diarrhea.

Generally speaking, CBD itself is safe and effective. However, it needs to come from a reliable source. Some products don’t contain much CBD and THC contamination is a possibility. If you’re going to try this wonderful substance, do your research and make sure you buy from a reputable company.