Survey Finds Fewer Americans Know About Anxiety

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( — February 9, 2022) Orlando, FL — Mental health issues are widely prevalent nowadays. However, it is worth realizing that many of the American population seem to be unaware of them.

A new survey reveals that myths, ignorance, and stigma about mental health are common among Americans. 

This is according to a web-based survey involving almost 4,600 individuals nationwide. The investigating team revealed that only less than half can recognize anxiety. It is further worth noting that a majority of people are clueless about what to do about depression, even if they recognize it. 

The same survey also shows that nearly 80 percent don’t believe prescription drug abuse is a treatable problem.

The Michigan State University survey was released at the start of Mental Health Month.

It is worth mentioning that this research focused on major issues, namely depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, and prescription drug abuse. 

According to co-investigator Mark Skidmore, their work is designed to help communities think about how to address behavioral health challenges as they emerge, whether that’s drug abuse, anxiety, or other issues, and the challenges such as suicide that can accompany them.

It is important to realize that long-term anxiety can trigger the brain to release stress hormones regularly. This can result in the frequency of symptoms, such as dizziness, headaches, and depression.

In reducing the prevalence of anxiety, more and more researchers are actually carrying out studies to explore what could help in the processes of the body to combat this condition.

It has been found that a nutrient called magnesium plays a significant role in fighting anxiety. As a matter of fact, magnesium is highly recommended as an all-natural, therapeutic treatment for anxiety.

In 2010, a review was carried out and researchers found that indeed magnesium exerted mechanisms to fight anxiety. 

Scientists also carried out a review in 2017 involving 18 different studies. It has been found that magnesium aided in reducing mild anxiety, anxiety during premenstrual syndrome, postpartum anxiety, and generalized anxiety. 

Research suggests that this macromineral plays a significant role in the regulation of neurotransmitters. It is worth realizing that neurotransmitters work in transmitting messages throughout the body and brain.

It has further been found to impact a brain part called the hypothalamus, which has been identified to aid in regulating the glands that respond to stress.

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