Abandoning Deportation? Know Your Rights and What to Do

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(Newswire.net — May 15, 2022) — It’s a fear that many people have. An official notice to appear for removal proceedings has been issued for you or a family member threatening to deport you. The term “removal” was altered by Congress approximately 25 years ago, as we frequently remind people. Then, President Obama signed the legislation into law. But there’s no denying that. Facing Deportation is still a possibility. People often go into hiding or try to “get around” deportation as quickly as they get their notification. Neither of these is acceptable.

If you’re facing deportation, be calm and follow the advice below.

What Are You Doing If Deportation Appears Inevitable?

Keep your wits about you. You must remain calm and begin to devise a plan of action.

Don’t do it on your own. For those facing deportation, it is time to seek legal counsel. Call the finest immigration attorney you can find. “

This is the most complicated system ever. Estimates put the number of deportations under Obama at almost 3 million, and Trump has made it considerably more difficult for many individuals to remain in the United States. About 1.5 million people are awaiting removal proceedings.

Even though you are not a legal United States citizen, you are entitled to the same rights as any other citizen. When threatened with deportation, it’s critical to remember that most individuals have legal options. Thousands of repatriation cases have come to a successful conclusion as just an immigration lawyer in my two decades.

When You Or Somebody You Care About Is Facing Deportation, Be Aware Of Your Legal Options:

In most circumstances, you are entitled to a hearing. Expedited removal cases have been increasing in recent years, and under Trump, prosecutorial discretion has been nearly nonexistent. It is also possible to remove people without trial who overstay their ESTAs. You still have time to contact an attorney if this is your case.

An attorney’s services are available to anyone who can pay them. Even if there aren’t enough pro bono attorneys, we all pitch in. The essential thing is that if you have had the money, you can bring in a lawyer. Moreover, it’s a good idea.

The right to counsel does not automatically include free legal representation, as it does in criminal matters. If you’re looking for a pro bono group, you’ll have to find one long way.

This means that you’ll have to hire a lawyer to protect your interests.

You are entitled to an explanation of what is going on in court. Any defendant or witness whose primary language is not English shall have an interpreter provided by the court, regardless of the circumstances.

If Deportation Is Serious, And Your Lawyer Should Take It Seriously As Well

Please be patient, as this is a time-consuming procedure. It’s more difficult to overturn a deportation order than to avoid it in the first place. It’s best to contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible if you have the chance.

Get the facts first. For immigration issues, don’t only phone local lawyers who think they can help. Requesting a free consultation is not a good place to start. This is what you’ve got going on in your life right now. Not a good time to look for bargains.

Find a deportation defense attorney that specializes in this area of law. For starters, find out how long you have been practicing, how much they can tell you regarding your case, how frequently they appear before an immigration judge, and how many points they have handled.