Experts Warn Against Link Between Long Work Hours and Increased Stroke Risk

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( — July 15, 2022) Orlando, FL — In multiple previous studies, researchers have been warning against the health hazards of working for long hours. In a study, it has been shown to significantly increase the risk of a chronic condition called a stroke.

This study was published in the Stroke, which is the American Heart Association journal.

The findings of this research reveal that individuals who worked long hours had an increased stroke risk, particularly if they worked those hours for 10 years or more.

In this study, the investigators reviewed data from a French population-based study group called CONSTANCE. 

This study started in 2012, and it involved information on age (18-69), sex, smoking, and work hours derived from questionnaires from 143,592 participants.

Researchers found that overall, there were 1,224 participants who struggled with strokes. They also reveal that 29 percent or 42,542 reported working long hours and 10 percent or 14,481 reported working long hours for 10 years or more.

The study findings particularly stress that working long hours led to greater stroke risk by 29 percent.

In the United States, it has been found that one in 3 adults has at least of the risk factors for stroke. These risk factors are conditions or habits like obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension, and smoking.

Still in the country, it has been found this condition kills around 140,000 people and this is equivalent to 1 of every 20 deaths. It happens to an American every 40 seconds and accounts for the cost of $34 billion annually. 

These are costs that include health care services, medicines to treat stroke, and missed days of work.

Today, there are many researchers who are investigating the best possible ways to help reduce stroke rates. The good news is that some natural remedies like resveratrol have been found helpful. 

Some experts say that this powerful antioxidant may have strong protective benefits to the brain against a range of stress and injuries. It is worth mentioning that in a recent report, resveratrol has been believed to reduce brain injury.

What makes it all the more beneficial is that it could also promote recovery following a stroke.

Some studies suggest resveratrol has the ability to promote angiogenesis in cerebral endothelial cells. It is worth mentioning that angiogenesis pertains to new blood vessel growth. 

It has further been found to dissect the signaling pathways involved. This essentially means this natural remedy is also beneficial in recovering from a stroke.

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