Study Links Cholesterol Drugs and Enhanced Gut Bacteria

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( — October 5, 2022) Orlando, FL — Researchers have long been studying the ways to protect and enhance gut health. The gut microbiota is composed of trillions of fungi, bacteria, and viruses that constitute an inner chemical factory.

Such a factory produces a multitude of microbial compounds that impact the neurobiology, immunity, and metabolism of the human host. Gut microbial imbalances have long been associated with the increased odds of a variety of chronic conditions.

These include diabetes, obesity, autism, inflammatory bowel diseases, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, and depression. 

It is important to note that there are various contributing factors to the protection and overall well-being of the gut. Factors like the use of certain medications have been linked with the disruption of the microbial communities of the gut.

This is demonstrated by research published in the scientific journal called Nature.

In this study, the MetaCardis investigators explore gut bacteria in nearly 900 individuals from Denmark, France, and Germany. 

In previous studies, it has been shown that the intestinal microbiota in obese individuals was different from those in lean subjects having a poor bacterial diversity. This means they had a relative depletion of health-promoting bacteria and there was a domination of inflammatory bacteria.

In this research, the investigators were able to define a cluster of bacteria called Bact2 enterotype, which is found in 4 percent of lean and overweight people. However, the cluster was found18 percent of obese individuals did not use statin drugs, which pertain to a group of cholesterol-lowering medications.

The findings suggest that such medication has the potential in modulating the disrupted gut microbiota and associated inflammation in obesity. 

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