A Study Warns Against Link Between Obesity and Phthalates Exposure

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(Newswire.net — November 24, 2022) Orlando, FL — Over the years, researchers have been carrying out studies to explore the negative impacts of chemical compounds like phthalates on human health.

A study has warned that obesity in men is associated with phthalates, which a chemicals commonly found in plastic and soap.  

Phthalates have already long been linked with reproductive problems. However, in this research, the investigators found it is correlated with abdominal obesity and insulin resistance in adult males. 

This research was carried out by investigators from the University of Rochester Medical Center.  

“The research adds to the growing suspicion that low-dose exposures to phthalates and other common chemicals may be reducing testosterone levels or function in men, and thereby contributing to rising obesity rates and an epidemic of related disorders, such as Type 2 diabetes,” said lead author Richard Stahlhut, M.D., M.P.H. 

Stahlhut is a Preventive Medicine resident at the University of Rochester. 

The findings of this research were published in the online edition of the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

“Substantial declines in testosterone levels and sperm quality have been observed in the United States and other countries over the last several decades which and urgently requires explanation,” Stahlhut added. 

“While we can’t say yet that phthalates are a definite cause, I am certain they are on the list of chemicals that demands careful study.”

For over 50 years, phthalates have been used widely in a range of everyday products. Animal studies, it has been consistently shown to depress testosterone levels.

Recent human studies have revealed that phthalates are linked with poor semen quality in men. It is even associated with some subtle changes in the reproductive organs in boy babies. 

The investigators of this research analyzed urine, blood samples, and other data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. It is worth noting the NHANES is a large, multi-ethnic, cross-section sampling of the U.S. population acquired routinely by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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