Custom Home Shooting Range Installation & Pre-Programmed Courses – 2023 Update

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Spire Ranges (1-800-761-1231) has updated its design, manufacturing and installation services for residential and commercial shooting ranges with pre-programmed courses of fire that simulate multiple tactical training situations.

Spire Ranges, a Utah-based manufacturer who provides range facilities for firearms training, announced home shooting range design, manufacturing and installation services for 2023.

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With this announcement, Spire Ranges cements its reputation as the premier custom shooting range provider for private owners across the world. It also offers the most current and technical information on owning, operating, and meeting the requirements for a gun range.

Spire Ranges brings a high level of design, development, installation, and service experience to range customization projects and many years of experience with standard installation requirements. Installations include purposefully designed bullet containment, tried and tested target systems, custom shooting stalls and intuitive, user-friendly controls.

For private residential properties, shooting ranges are entirely customized according to the needs of each client. Spire Ranges takes great pride and attention to detail in all of their basement backstop firing shooting gun ranges!

Spire Ranges also deploys ranges supported by SpireOS™ – a handheld touchscreen range control system with manual and programmed simulations through SpirePLAY™. Users can access gameplay information, instructions, game stages, recommended ammo, targets, and suggested scoring through a single interface.

Custom shooting range installations are comprehensive and can involve every task needed to build a gun range from start to finish. Whether providing plans for designs, providing supplies in partnership with the onsite manager, or having the company’s contractors perform full installations, the client determines the company’s level of involvement.

With the latest announcement, Spire Ranges continues to be at the forefront of shooting range technology, leading the way on how future shooting ranges will look and function. The website also features a wide range of information for shooting range installation. For more details, please visit

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our products aren’t just backed by warranty but by our reputation.”

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