Energy Efficiency Audit For Grocery Stores: Automated BMS Installation Announced

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Onsite Utility Services LLC (+1 844-768-7227) has expanded their Energy-Saving-as-a-Service program to include power audits for grocery stores.

This expansion focuses on providing a comprehensive energy efficiency program, including energy audits, power solutions, and building management systems (BMS) tailored for retail establishments. The automated BMS is designed to seamlessly reduce energy use while ensuring better working conditions, improved customer comfort, and power usage monitoring.

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As energy prices soar, a growing demand to create energy-efficient solutions drove the need for this expansion. By focusing on energy-saving efforts like the automated BMS, the expanded offering enables businesses to drive down costs without affecting operational efficiency.

According to Energy Star, successful energy management is of significant value to grocery store owners. In addition to energy costs from lighting, heating, and cooling, supermarkets must also deal with considerable costs from refrigeration, as these units represent 40% of a store’s total energy consumption.

Onsite Utility Services perform thorough energy audits and can provide consumption-reducing solutions like BMS, which uses sensors and sophisticated computer technology to optimize energy usage. It also includes features like occupancy sensors, peak usage monitoring, and central management that allows shop owners to identify usage trends.

The energy audit for grocery stores also investigates voltage use. Onsite Utility Services points out that most US appliances only need 460 volts while electricity companies supply and charge for 493 volts, adding around 20% more to energy bills. Their power optimization program generally reduces costs by 5-15% and can extend the life of voltage-sensitive equipment found in HVAC systems, pumps, and exhaust fans.

Onsite Utility Services was founded in 1993 by Fritz Kreiss, a certified energy procurement specialist with the Association of Energy Engineers.

Fritz Kreiss, Onsite’s CEO said, “Finding the right energy efficiency solutions is often either too confusing or outside your budget. Onsite Utility Services Capital removes both of those barriers, making it possible for grocery store owners to achieve their financial and environmental goals through improved, profitable, and affordable energy efficiency programs. Through our Energy Savings-as-a-Service platform, we remove the CapEx and the debt barrier while helping companies reduce their carbon footprint.”

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