Freelance Flipping For Beginners: Remote Business Setup Training Program Update

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Monetized Marketing LLC, in partnership with Startup Business Wire, announces a new update to the freelance training and side hustle program offered by Alicia Lyttle.

Startup Business Wire covers the course – called Freelancing Genius – in expansive detail, explaining that it allows entrepreneurs, new parents, and aspiring freelancers to develop their skills and build a business based on their interests.

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The program recognizes that most new aspiring freelancers don’t have their own website, and teaches methods that allow them to reach clients and advertise their skills without relying on one central platform. The program begins with an introductory workshop, which offers actionable tips on finding the right niche, building a side hustle, and turning it into a thriving business.

Many prospective freelancers are hesitant to quit their job due to the perceived instability of freelance work. Alicia Lyttle’s course addresses these concerns, guiding students through common pitfalls like inconsistent income, lack of benefits, and the need to continually find new clients. The course focuses on identifying profitable niches, honing in-demand skills with high earnings potential, and cultivating the persistence required to develop a steady client roster over time.

A major component of the training focuses on skills that anyone can quickly learn to start earning immediately. This includes introductory instruction on platforms like Canva for graphic design, Rev for audio transcription, and Fiverr for freelance services. The goal is to get students earning through freelancing as soon as possible.

Alicia Lyttle also delves deeply into strategies for long-term success. She covers freelance flipping, which involves charging more and outsourcing the work while overseeing quality and client communication. This allows students to move beyond the volatility of service-based work.

At its core, the course aims to provide aspiring freelancers with a roadmap to building a flexible, financially sustainable career on their own terms. Alicia Lyttle designed the curriculum to empower people to take control of their time and income, spending less time commuting and reporting to an office, and more time pursuing personal passions.

A spokesperson states: “With dedication and hard work, you can become your own boss while pursuing personal growth opportunities along the way. Take advantage of this opportunity to be creative, explore different ideas, network with like-minded people, and learn new skill sets that will benefit both you and your company in the long run.”

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