Embrace Nostalgia: Ceramic Concepts Introduces Mid-Century Tile Collection

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Ceramic Concepts releases Five previously unpublished facts about its upcoming Mid-Century Tile Collection launch. Further information can be found at https://ceramic-concepts.com.

Ceramic Concepts Unveils Intriguing Insights Prior to Mid-Century Tile Collection Launch

In a captivating prelude to their forthcoming Mid-Century Tile Collection launch, Ceramic Concepts has revealed five captivating details that shed light on the creation process and inspiration behind these remarkable tiles.

Inspired by the Mid-Century Gem of Palm Springs/Palm Desert: The inception of the Mid-Century Tile Collection was sparked by a move to the iconic Palm Springs region in California by Ceramic Concepts’ owner, Felix Schmeing, and his wife, designer Evie Seifu. This locale, renowned for preserving and evolving mid-century homes, as well as its vibrant pool-centric community, inspired the couple to curate a collection of vintage-modern tile designs, perfect for adorning poolsides, kitchen backsplashes, and bathrooms.

Three Months of Creative Collaboration: From conceptualization to sample realization, the husband-and-wife team invested approximately three months to bring the Mid-Century Tile Collection to life.

Diverse Tile Biques for Distinct Climates: The collection encompasses tile patterns primarily crafted on quarry red tile bisque, catering to warmer non-freeze environments, while porcelain variants are tailored for frost-prone areas. The meticulous process of aligning intricate patterns necessitates precision to avoid setbacks, with misfit patterns potentially leading to weeks of rework.

Boundary-Pushing Tile Artistry: Ceramic Concepts consistently pushes the boundaries of tile design, interpreting contemporary trends and reviving 20s and 30s Spanish tile styles. Notably, this craftsmanship extends beyond aesthetics, with Schmeing’s expertise in glaze formulation spanning over three decades. Clients can actively participate in the creative journey or entrust their visions to the adept Ceramic Concepts team.

Bridging the Gap in Pool Aesthetics: The Mid-Century Tile Collection is a testament to Ceramic Concepts’ commitment to redefining pool aesthetics. Founder Felix Schmeing identified a dearth of imaginative pool tiles within the waterline pool industry, igniting the creation of this vibrant collection. The company’s broader aspiration to foster a lively ceramics community is set to materialize through an engaging studio environment.

Felix Schmeing, reflecting on their approach, states, “We prioritize forging connections with our valued clientele.”

With a store on Etsy catering to discerning clients, Ceramic Concepts also boasts a rich history of word-of-mouth referrals, having cultivated strong relationships with architects, contractors, and designers. Their exceptional craftsmanship has even found representation in select southwestern tile stores.

As Ceramic Concepts unveils these tantalizing insights ahead of the Mid-Century Tile Collection launch, it becomes evident that their dedication to innovation and creative collaboration sets them apart, promising an artistic and functional feast for design enthusiasts and homeowners alike.



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