Connecticut Custom Vehicle Magnet Signs: Political Election Campaign Ads Launch

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As announced by Big Daddy’s Signs (+1-800-535-2139), custom vehicle door magnets are now available in full-color prints – providing enhanced advertising materials for Connecticut political election campaigns.

Adding magnetized vehicle signs to its inventory allows Big Daddy’s Signs’ to continue supporting the advertising efforts of election candidates across the country. The new products join a growing signage stock shipped by the company to individuals and groups for local and mobile marketing purposes.

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As the latest addition to its signage offerings, vehicle magnets offer Connecticut campaigners the ability to extensively promote their party while on the move. Big Daddy’s Signs advises that magnetized signs can stick onto car doors and continuously bring messaging to onlookers during commutes or road trips.

In contrast to fixed-location materials such as billboards or flags, these new signs hold the key advantage of portability. As explained by Big Daddy’s Signs, candidates can conveniently attach magnets to their vehicles for the duration of campaigns before removing them whenever necessary. They can also be easily distributed to party members and representatives.

“When you use full-color vehicle magnets for your business or political campaign, you can receive hundreds of views per day,” says a Big Daddy’s Signs spokesperson.

In order to take full advantage of the dynamic high-resolution display offered by its vehicle magnets, Big Daddy’s Signs provides a personalized print design service. Widely utilized by business owners for commercial promotions, this option now allows Connecticut election candidates to render their envisioned sign design in every aspect.

Extending to custom image placement, handpicked font styles, and color backgrounds chosen from a template library, Big Daddy’s Signs’ design service encourages creativity. By featuring their campaign slogans and logos on bright displays, notes the company, customers can make their candidacy known to a wider audience.

“Car magnets have even become a simple and easy product for fundraisers,” explains Big Daddy’s Signs. “They promote awareness and school spirit.”

The versatile usage of vehicle magnets largely comes down to their cost-effectiveness in comparison to other, bulkier advertising materials. Big Daddy’s Signs suggests that such signs can be affordably cut, printed, and shipped in bulk – allowing customized ads to be distributed among campaign reps for usage on a fleet of vehicles.

On the subject, Big Daddy’s Signs remarks: “Vehicle magnetic signs with pictures and graphics can tell your special story in seconds. It’s time to gain exposure and advertising benefits.”

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