AMG Services UK Announces Download App For Premium Music Samples

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( — November 1, 2013)  — 


The Advanced Media Group (AMG) Services of the United Kingdom recently announced on their website a new delivery mechanism that will allow retail customers of AMG Services products to download the products directly to their devices. AMG Services premium music sampling products are still available in physical formats such as audio compact discs, but are also now available as downloadable WAV files, thanks to the DropSwitch delivery service. Physical audio CDs are available from the website, one of the Internet’s oldest music sample sites. Downloadable products from AMG Services are available at:


Downloadable version of AMG Services software are also now available, including versions of Beat Producer, Beat Producer SOLO and Kick Ass Brass (KAB). Beat Producer allows for editing and sequencing of loops, as well as real time controls, and is able to import every industry standard looping format, including ACID Loops, REX files, and Apple Loops. KAB provides an easy to use interface for creating brass instrumentation from high quality samples.


AMG Services is one of the oldest companies in the music sampling industry, with a nearly twenty-five year history. For years, AMG Services has provided high quality samples and add-on products to popular music production software such as Reason, Apple Loops, iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Garage Band. Products such as Reason Refills assist musicians with producing high quality music as quickly as possible and with minimum stress. Popular AMG Services products include Expansion Pack for Garage Band and Triple Platinum Apple Loops, as well as audio sample libraries such as Lukecage Rest In Peace and Industrial Revolution.


According to the recent announcement by AMG Services, nearly all AMG Services products, both software and audio products, will now be available to consumers via download, in addition to traditional distribution on physical disks.