Recent Study Now Highlights Sedentariness to Be One of the Major Obesity Culprits

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( — February 25, 2022) Las Vegas, 1930 Village Center Circle — Today, it is undeniable that more and more people fall into the category of being obese or overweight. The good news is that many researchers are investigating the reasons why obesity develops in the first place. 

Previous research studies have long been stressing the importance of following a healthy diet to manage the right weight. However, it is also worth stressing that having a healthy lifestyle, such as a physically active one, is vital. 

A review was published in the BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine in 2017.

In this review, the researchers suggest that a lifestyle incorporating regular physical activity has been identified as a key factor for maintaining and improving many aspects of health, including insulin sensitivity.

Scientists have long recommended that regularly engaging in physical activity aids in preventing obesity. It is wise to be aware of the sedentary habits that increase the risk of excessive weight gain.

Some of these are playing games on a computer instead of doing physical activities outside or working in an office rather than doing manual labor. It also includes going to places by car instead of walking or cycling.

It is worth being warned that the lesser one moves, the fewer calories are burned. There are actually many ways to manage a healthy weight in addition to following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In managing a healthy weight, there are natural remedies like turmeric found helpful. It is worth mentioning that this spice contains a variety of therapeutic compounds in the phytochemical called curcumin it contains. 

Combined with healthy dietary and lifestyle practices, turmeric could work wonders in helping shed extra pounds.

It is worth noting that obesity produces low-grade inflammation in the body. This level of inflammation is enough to increase the risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. 

Scientists say that curcumin aids in suppressing inflammatory messaging in many cells, which include pancreatic, fat, and muscle cells. It has been found such action aids in curbing hypertension, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol levels. 

This is according to a study published in the 2011 issue of the European Journal of Nutrition.

Tufts University carried out a study in 2009 and found that curcumin had the ability to suppress fat tissue growth in mice. It is worth realizing that weight gain causes an expansion in the fat tissue during the new formation of blood vessels.

In this research, the mice subjects fed with curcumin did not form these blood vessels. The investigators reveal this reduced-fat gain. 

There are actually many health benefits linked with the use of turmeric. Today, it is widely consumed through the use of formulas like Incredipure Curcumin, which is popularized by its high potency and the black pepper extract it contains (

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